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Native Marine Services Private Limited.

The Native Marine Services PVT. LTD. is India's reputed institute for maritime and maritime-related education, research and training.


Whether you are looking for a career change, taking the next step in your seafaring career or you want to pursue your passion through graduate research, the opportunities are endless with the Native Marine Services PVT. LTD.


Merchant Navy is different from the navy in the sense that it offers commercial services, as opposed to the navy, which is largely involved in the defence of a nation.


The opportunity to travel around the world and the lure of adventure on the high seas, besides the possibility of high remunerations attracts many youngsters to make a career in the Merchant Navy.

Maritime Education/Training

We are engaged in providing Maritime Education & Training courses leading to certificate of competency from India. We deliver face-to-face training from our base in India. With the largest range of maritime courses, many of our courses are offered online and are completed by students at their own pace. Over 50% of our training is bespoke, developed to meet the specific needs of our clients and delivered anywhere in the world.

Find out what we offer in your maritime sector

Native Marine Services PVT. LTD. has the world’s broadest range of maritime training courses, providing span every sector of the maritime industry. On top of this, we offer consulting services which help organisations innovate - be it proving port design concepts, developing cutting edge vessels or carrying out renewable energy field trials.

IMU-CET Coaching

Every student willing to join Merchant Navy as a Deck cadet must qualify IMU-CET conducted by Indian Maritime University. IMU CET stands for Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test. We provide coaching with study materials for IMU (Indian Maritime University) CET entrance exam. We are known for our quality education. We provide comprehensive study pattern that covers every topic related to exam and we ensure complete coverage of the syllabus.

Maritime Consulting

We offer consulting services in the maritime competence management systems for on board and shore personnel. We have a software based system for convenience of handling huge amounts of data of a large fleet We are also appointed Educational Consultant to various institutions in the Asia Pacific region.

Crew Management

Native Marine Services Private Limited.

No enterprise can operate without quality staff. Native Marine Services PVT. LTD. Crew Management Services is operated by highly experienced and motivated personnel with a deep sense of integrity. Thereby ensuring we achieve the highest standards. The Native Marine Group believes that well trained, well rewarded, contented crews and shore staff, are fundamental to well managed and safe ships. Native Marine Services PVT. LTD. Crew Management always strives to ensure the highest skills standards and competencies for both crews and shore staff. Maintaining this through career progression, innovation and constant communication.


The first and most important thing we do is take the time to understand your manning requirements in order to make sure that we provide the service that you need. We then tailor our comprehensive range of services to meet your precise requirements. Crew management not only focuses on recruitment, but on its planning, engagement, development and retention. We have the experience to cover all requirements.


Crew management covers a broad range of activities including :

» Recruitment

» Selection

» Placement

» Training and management of officers

» Ratings employed on our managed vessels

» Travel services

» Payroll management

Quality assured. Exceeding standards

Native Marine Services Private Limited.

Native Marine Services PVT. LTD. is a company whose primary goal is customer satisfaction when it comes to vessel maintenance and servicing. Vessel maintenance has always been at the heart of our company’s operations.


Our well-trained and experienced team enables us to guide client vessels through today’s competitive maritime environment; cost effectively, safely, successfully! Our experienced team can handle all areas of vessel maintenance from cosmetic cleaning through to a complete engine overhaul. Accredited to the highest industry standards, with a professionally-organized shore-based management team, we work closely with owners to achieve the common goal of quality operation. Timely monitoring and reporting is achieved through strict implementation of Quality Assurance procedures together with the incorporation of innovative marine software solutions as well as regular hands-on inspections.


Rather than focussing on quick growth and expansion, our aim has always been to ensure vessel management procedures and staff are able to provide sustainable, first-class care to vessels entrusted to us, while our clear-cut and transparent reporting keeps our customers always up-to-date regarding vessel performance and financial situation. Our main goal is to ensure the vessels we manage are in a good condition and ready to operate anytime, anywhere – to the highest possible performance levels and at the most competitive cost levels.


Salvage and wreck removal

Native Marine Services Private Limited.

In marine salvage and wreck removal operations, the complexity, operational and environmental requirements call for a multidisciplinary approach. Native Marine Services PVT. LTD. understands this and provides specialist knowledge in areas like geotechnical and coastal engineering, morphology, dredging, metocean and eco-engineering.

Salvaging is a risky operation, and requires experienced and qualified people to be successful. Native Marine Services PVT. LTD. have an extensive range of lift bags and equipment, along with a decompression chamber for the deeper waters. When planning a salvage operation, we work closely with the Salvage Master and the Tug Operator whilst keeping environmental and safety factors our priority.

Native Marine Services PVT. LTD. offers independent specialist advice to its clients from the moment a casualty takes place to the successful completion of the operation. Native Marine Services PVT. LTD. has a proven track-record and broad experience in this field and is an established expert partner in the salvage and wreck removal industry worldwide.

Expertise and services on salvage and wreck removal

» Geotechnical and coastal morphology studies/modelling

» Environmental impact assessment studies

» Dredging techniques and offshore operations

» Horizontal directional drilling

» Wreck stability studies

» Engineering data acquisition and evaluation support

» Risk management & assessment

» Onsite support

» Dispute and arbitration support

Marine technical services

Native Marine Services Private Limited.

Native Marine Services PVT. LTD. Technical Service provides expert technical advice to customers around the world. A suite of integrated technical services programmes optimised to meet your needs and designed to help reduce your operating cost.


Native Marine Services PVT. LTD. Technical Services provides independent technical expertise and analysis to the marine, energy and insurance sectors on a global basis. Our worldwide network of strategically placed offices enables us to service our clients on a global and regional basis; providing 24-hour response capability 365 days of the year.


Our Marine Experts


Behind our strong products and services, Native Marine Services PVT. LTD. Marine operations is supported by expereience team of experts.


We serve customers around the globe. We have teams of experts and laboratory in different locations throughout the world to help you with operational issues, engine maintenance and optimising your day-to-day operations.


We provide flexibility and choice so that you get the technical services you need to optimise your operations


Why work with Native Marine Services PVT. LTD. ?


» Free up your resources to focus on core business

» Timely and cost-effective project completion

» Avoid risk of premature coating failure

» Benefit from the most efficient application procedure

» Increase your overall return on investment

» Get performance guarantee on antifouling and anticorrosion systems


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